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Tony Monte Funeral Services is a member of the Australian Funeral Directors Association. As accredited members, we are bound by a strict code of ethics and practice designed to meet both community needs and expectation in all aspects of service delivery.

The code is a reassurance to the community of sincere care and professional service, particularly at a time of uncertainty and distress for grieving family and relatives. As members we comply with the required standards for Premises, Equipment and Vehicles (PEV).

The AFDA develops and promotes professional standards in the funeral industry. In conjunction with its membership, community groups and professional expertise, AFDA has developed several standards for industry practice. These are based upon fundamental and legitimate occupational health and safety, public health, legal and community standards. AFDA Member firms are required to abide by these standards.

AFDA Full Member firms are required to undertake a minimum number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours each year. Before selecting a funeral service provider, check to see if they are an accredited member of the Australian Funeral Association. For more information visit the AFDA website here

Tony Monte Funeral Services is proud to be a member of the Australian Funeral Directors Association and to support the Your Goodbye initiative. 


Sharing stories and talking about life and death can ease the burden on our family, so why don't we do it more often? Your Goodbye is all about making those end of life discussions easier. Learn More

Coronavirus update

In response to  COVID 19

While we understand that it is difficult to limit the number of people who can attend the funeral of your loved one, there are ways to still include everyone in a funeral, even if they cannot attend in person;

  • Live streaming the funeral service (including those at external locations)
  • Organise video messages from loved ones to be screened at the funeral
  • Have written messages to share at the funeral
  • Create a video of the funeral to share with others
  • Consider asking family and friends to pause for a moment of remembrance at the same time as those attending the funeral.

For more information on these restrictions visit the Australian Government Department of Health website www.health.gov.au

Funeral ceremonies can be recorded direct to compact disc and provided to families at no additional fee.


A digital copy (USB) is also provided following the service as a cherished keepsake. This digital copy can then be emailed or transmitted via social media platforms to family and friends unable to attend the funeral ceremony.

Professional video recording of funeral ceremonies can be arranged upon request.


The DVD keepsake of the funeral ceremony is also professionally presented to family members following the funeral service.

We can provide a high quality live video streaming option for family, friends and mourners who are unable to attend the funeral ceremony.


Funeral services can be streamed live to family and friends anywhere in the world on the day of the ceremony. Access to the live steam is via a protected password entrusted to the family nominated representative and is provided 48 hours prior to the proposed funeral ceremony.


A DVD keepsake of the broadcast funeral ceremony is also professionally presented to family members following the funeral service.

We are committed to the on-going health and safety of our staff, clients, guests and the local community. 


This includes maintaining the highest levels of personal hygiene, practicing the highest levels of cleaning and disinfecting at our facility and practicing best social distancing practices to minimise the contact with others.


Tony Monte Funeral Services will remain a full-service funeral home during this challenging time and will continue to serve the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the same care, compassion and respect should the need arise.

To ensure families and guests visiting our funeral home are taking the necessary precautions to help stop the potential spread of COVID19 - please be advised of the following:

Attending Funerals - we respectfully ask that until further notice, individuals who have returned from international travel or are feeling unwell refrain from attending funeral services. While we acknowledge the importance of farewelling loved ones, the above advice is in keeping with official health advice at this time.

Funeral Ceremonies - while we ask that you respect the above advice regarding travel, health and funeral attendance, Tony Monte Funeral Services will continue to host Funeral Services unless advice to the contrary is issued by the Australian Federal Government, SA Health Department or The Australian Funeral Directors Association.

The Funeral Arrangement Conference - with respect for safe distances and using officially recommended hygiene practises, our funeral consultants have been temporally restricted from visiting family homes until further notice. Our funeral consultants will continue to meet with client families at our funeral home located at 1 Webb Street, Port Adelaide in strictly limited numbers to discuss and arrange funeral services requirements or help in any way you need.

Hygiene Practices - Hand hygiene products (e.g. alcohol-based hand sanitiser) and hand washing facilities are available for all guests attending our funeral home.  

Air Filtration Systems -

For your peace of mind, two AiroFresh© portable air filtration units have been positioned in our chapel and administration office. These air purification systems are operating 24 hours a day to ensure families visiting our facility can assemble in a safe environment. 

Should you have any questions regarding funeral arrangements in the changing light of the current situation, please be advised that our staff are available to provide support and guidance and answer any questions or queries you may have.

Please phone (08) 8341 2822 at any time. 

We thank you for your understanding and patience during this challenging time.

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A Time to Grieve

Grieving is perfectly natural when someone you love dies. Your own personality and background will affect the way you grieve. Some people weep, others become quiet and some will need to talk to someone. Whatever your feelings now, take heart that the experience of those who have lost loved ones will help you through this time.

While there is no right or wrong way to grieve, there are healthy ways to cope with the pain that, in time, can ease your sadness and help you come to terms with your loss, find new meaning, and move on with your life. You may find some of the support networks listed below. While we support the service providers we do not affiliate ourselves with any particular group. This list is provided for assistance only.

Beyond Blue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.

Lifeline is a national charity providing all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.

The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement (ACGB) is the largest provider of grief and bereavement education and support programs in Australia.

Cancer Council Australia seeks to engage all Australians in our work to reduce the impact of cancer in Australia through advocacy, research, education and support.

Sands is the miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death charity. Operating across Australia, supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby.

Headspace provide tailored and holistic mental health support to 12 – 25 year olds. Working with young people to provide support at a crucial time in their lives.

Cemetery Record  Search

Tony Monte Funeral Services works in association with many of Adelaide’s leading Cemetery and Crematoria service providers.

If you would like to search an existing family grave, or make an enquiry about a current licence tenure, please use the online resource links listed below.

We're here to help you choose the type of service that is right for you - customised and personalised for your needs.

Career Opportunities

From time to time a variety of positions become available within our company.

These positions may include:

  • Funeral Directors (Experienced Funeral Professional with a minimum three  years of experience)
  • Crematorium Duties.
  • Administration Assistant with multimedia skills.
  • Funeral Director’s Assistant and or Trainee Funeral Director
  • Mortuary Technician personnel.
  • Embalmer (Qualified)
  • Transfer Driver (including afterhours duties) with exceptional communication skills verbal and written.
Current Positions

All applicants will need to be able to demonstrate their skills in their application and interview. If you are interested in joining a compassionate and dedicated team, committed to excellence, individual care and absolute integrity. Please forward all expressions of interested to the General Manager. All applications are treated in strict confidence.

There are no current employment opportunities available at Tony Monte Funeral Services. However we are accepting expressions of interest for the positions listed below: 

Position: Funeral Director and Funeral Director's Assistant (Casual Position)

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We believe in supporting the communities we serve. We proudly support local organisations and sporting groups throughout the Lefevre Peninsula.

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